Hologram Stickers


The blue hologram certification sticker placed on the holder certifies that

the coin has been inspected for any unacceptable or distracting

  • Spots
  • Toning
  • Color

These do not meet the standards to qualify for a Sight White sticker.

Stickering is the term used when placing the HOLOGRAM STICKER on the outside of the certified holder directly on the coin case.

“You don’t need to be a coin professional because Sight White has already done the work and certified it for you”

The sight White hologram stickers represent coins with minimal to no dark areas, spots or toning. There is nothing distracting. The sticker should serve as a SIGHT coin and should be accepted to sell back into the marketplace without question of it being a SIGHT SEEN coin.

We are setting an acceptable standard for the buyers and sellers with coins that do not have

  • excessivly scratched or broken cases.  consideration is with 75% applied to obverse
  • Large White spots
  • destructing grease marks
  • excessive toning
  • several spots

Attempting to remove the hologram sticker in any way will destroy the sticker and therefore nullify the certification.

*Sight White is not connected with any authentication service or coin grading service and

putting the Sight White sticker on the case IS NOT ANY INDICATION OF GRADE.