We are about creating a

“New Standard”
A standard that can be used to help the buyers and sellers of coins who like a White look.


Placing a hologram sticker on the case is not as easy as it may seem. Acceptable placement of a dark or white spot is just one of the critical criteria for a SW acceptable coin.

Its really about will the buyer see something that will bring to question the acceptability of buying the coin?

                            We are not looking for 100% blast white coins!

That would limit the coins that would get a SW sticker to the point that there would be very few, hence it would be very difficult to have a collection of acceptable SW coins.

Sight White is not connected with any authentication service or coin grading service and putting the Sight White sticker on the case  IS NOT AN INDICATION OF GRADE. We are create coins that will trade in the market without having to be seen first. If the grading of the coins by PCGS,NGC and ANACS are acceptable to you, each in there own way, then the only thing that could keep you from accepting a coin would be something distracting.

We examine each coin to make sure that there is nothing distracting.

This standard, with the Sight White sticker should allow the dealer or collector to buy and sell coins without a big review process. This should make the acquiring of coins that do not have distracting marks much easier with a collection of coins that have been examined with that in mind.

Several dark spots are not for a Sight White collector