The Sight White certification service has set the NEW NATIONAL STANDARD for the retail customer, coin collector and rare coin dealer.

In a great coin market, white, toned, dark, spotted and rainbow coins sell well. In all markets white coins sell the best.

Sight White “acceptable” is the new national standard of coin purchasing that is recognized throughout the coin industry.

It’s not the grade of the coin that is in question, that’s already been decided by the grading service, its the appearance.


It’s all about the beauty of the coin that YOU see. This is what Sight White “acceptable” is all about!


Sight White “acceptable” is only certified for white coins that meet our very rigid standards. The Sight White hologram sticker represents coins with minimal to no dark areas, large white spots, grease marks, dark toning or several black spots that would distract from the coin’s visual appeal. You don’t need to be a coin professional because Sight White has already done the work and certified it for you. Finally the coin collector can be totally confident in each and every coin they purchase that has the Sight White “acceptable” certified hologram affixed to the coin case.



A Sight White coin that you liked for its beauty when you purchased it will always trade now and in the future as a Sight White coin.

Sight White

The Sight White Certification Service has set the NEW NATIONAL STANDARD for the retail customer, coin collector and rare coin dealer. This has become the “accepted” national standard for all buyers and sellers of rare and collectible coins. The affixed hologram sticker* will serve as a symbol that this coin will always be accepted as a Sight White coin and easily sold back into the marketplace without question of it being accepted as Sight White certified.

*Stickering is the term used when placing the HOLOGRAM STICKER on the outside of the certified holder directly on the plastic coin case.

Attempting to remove the hologram sticker in any way will destroy the sticker and therefore nullify the certification.


Each and every coin is studied for its acceptance into the market. We do the studying for the buyer and seller. When we study and certify the coin, it becomes recognized as a premier coin in the industry.

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Certification Service

Sight White is an independent numismatic coin certification service founded by Robert Paul from Philadelphia, PA. He has been a full time retail and wholesale coin expert dealing in some of the most important coin sales and auctions in the numismatic industry for over 35 years …

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Hologram Stickers

The blue hologram certification sticker placed on the holder certifies that the coin has been inspected for any unacceptable spots, toning, color, broken case …

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